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Lucy Pinder giving a short description of herself for her appearance as the star of German publication Bild's English models week. Overdubbed in German; the approximate translation is as follows: I think I like most... says Lucy, and then the overdubbing cuts in... What I like most about myself is my breasts and my hair. I like sex, I sleep and even (can't get this word). I like shoes and cats. I don't like getting up early, I am definitely no early riser. I hate lying, and above all clowns... I hate clowns. I think that sex without love can be fun but it's not really my thing. The best chat-up line I've ever heard was "The financial crisis has really hit me, will you not ask me for a drink?" (I think that's what it means) I thought that was really funny.You MUST ensure that all other viewing sessions are closed and all video downloads completed, otherwise this video may not play.

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