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Two new shows for Lucy Pinder!

Lucy Pinder is set to rock the airwaves on two new shows!

On 1st November she will be appearing as a judge on "Models, Misfits and Mayhem", along with Nick Soldinger of Nuts. The show will be broadcast at 10pm on ITV2 - don't miss it!

Then on 22nd November she will be the star attraction of Richard Herring's show on Radio 4 (schedule will be posted when available). Comments from the show's producers include "Articulate, funny and confounding stereotype" and "You can see why she's no.1 glamour model! She's professional and lovely." So another one not to be missed!

Lucy Pinder - Star of the airwaves

Lucy Pinder appointed Creative Director of Girl Management!

Lucy Pinder's management company, Girl Management, have appointed Lucy as Creative Director.
"Lucy's new role involves representing Girl Management in the media and advising on brand extensions and expansion opportunities."
With Lucy's unmatched combination of intelligence and long experience in the glamour industry, they couldn't have made a better choice! Huge congratulations to both Lucy and GM on this and the very best of best wishes for success. There are great things ahead!

Lucy Pinder - Creative Director of Girl Management

New site! Exclusive and excellent Lucy Pinder pics and videos!

Announcing the launch of a new Lucy Pinder mobile site, featuring some outstanding pics and videos available nowhere else! Available to both UK and international users, and accepts payments by credit card. The material is superb - see the screenshots below! Check it out - visit or by text, UK users can text GO TEXTME to 60550. International users can text GO TEXTME to 004477 8620 3222.
Lucy Pinder exclusive pics and videos Lucy Pinder exclusive pics and videos

Lucy Pinder Lynx Dry campaign

Lucy Pinder has recently filmed an advertising campaign for Lynx, the deodorant company, promoting their "Lynx Dry" range. It was an epic shoot and definitely some of her best work to date! Any advertisers looking for a gorgeous lady to star in their adverts would be well advised to check out Lucy's work for Lynx!
There are online games on the Lynx website, and a huge number of simply gorgeous videos! Here are a couple of tasters...
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Kissing
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Kissing

Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Car Wash
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Car Wash

There are more videos on the Lynx website, if you guess the right verbs to enter... or if you don't want to mess about you can find them here. Check out this incredible behind-the-scenes video from Lucy's shoot!
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx campaign - Behind the Scenes
Video: Lucy Pinder Lynx campaign behind the scenes - screenshot

Lucy Pinder to star in "Strippers vs Werewolves"!
Lucy Pinder has landed herself a role in new comedy "Strippers vs Werewolves". She plays a sexy vampire bride who terrorizes a vampire hunter. This role sounds right up Lucy's street!

Quote from Lucy herself: "I'm delighted to be making my feature film debut for Black & Blue Films in Strippers vs. Werewolves - it's a really funny part and a hilarious script and I can't wait to start."

And we can't wait to see the result! Bookmark this link to be sure of getting all the latest updates!

Lucy Pinder Twitter feeds

Lucy Pinder writes a new weekly column for!
Following the success of her "Truth About Women" column in Nuts magazine, Lucy Pinder is now writing a similar column for the website. You can email your questions to lucy (at) and she will give you the benefit of her expertise in her new weekly column. Lucy has a definite talent for this kind of thing, and her new online column is a cracker! And her Laid column is better than her Nuts one - it's not just "Truth About Women" questions, you can ask Lucy anything - as long as it's decent! Ask her about her taste in cars, the fortunes of Southampton FC, her future appearances... And any questions that aren't answered one week are held for future use, so don't be shy people, get writing to Lucy... Lucy Pinder in Las Vegas!

Hot Shots 2011 Calendar promotion
From Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st January 2011, Lucy Pinder was at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV, signing and selling copies of the Hot Shots 2011 Calendar in aid of Help for Heroes, accompanied by Kelly Hall, Stacey Massey and Rosie Jones. See here for more details, and see here for a video of Lucy Pinder and Kelly Hall on the Shot Show stand.
Lucy Pinder shooting Hot Shots 2011 Calendar

Lucy Pinder in Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash advert!
Lucy Pinder Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash advert - Video
Lucy Pinder Bennetts bikini bike wash
Lucy Pinder puts the glamour into motorcycle insurance!

Lucy Pinder Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash: Download HQ video


Lucy Pinder to star in EastEnders? - 16-05-10

A recent article by the Daily Star is adding fuel to the fire of interest in the future of Lucy's career.

While there is no truth in the "wants to quit" comment, it is definitely true that Lucy Pinder is interested in a role in EastEnders. She has wanted a part on the programme for several years, and (as this website attempts to show) she most certainly has the talent for it... see her performance in BBC3's "The Real Hustle" (scroll down for details and video) for a short but powerful demonstration of her considerable acting skills.

And it is also true that as a forward-thinking woman, she is taking acting lessons to develop those skills and put her in a better position to show them to the television-watching public and move her career on to the next level.

So let us look forward to the day when Lucy Pinder takes Albert Square by storm!

Lucy Pinder stars on "The Real Hustle Undercover"! The BBC3 show "The Real Hustle Undercover", shown at 10:30pm on Thursdays, featured Lucy Pinder on 11th Feb 2010. Once again she demonstrated her superb acting skills as with convincing professionalism she pulled a very neat switch on an unsuspecting punter. See here for details and discussion.

Video: Lucy Pinder on "The Real Hustle" 11-02-10
Video: Lucy Pinder on The Real Hustle 11-02-10

New Management! Lucy Pinder has transferred to Girl Management - see the Contact page for details.

Lucy Pinder presents the Supreme Cat Show, NEC, 21-11-09 The Supreme Cat Show at the NEC on 21-11-09 was presented by Lucy Pinder. A most excellent choice... for not only is Lucy a superb presenter, she is a cat lover too!

Videos of Lucy presenting at the show:
Lucy Pinder presents the Supreme Cat Show, NEC, 21-11-09 - Clip 1
Lucy Pinder presents the Supreme Cat Show, NEC, 21-11-09 - Clip 2
Lucy Pinder presents the Supreme Cat Show, NEC, 21-11-09 - Clip 3
Lucy Pinder presents the Supreme Cat Show, NEC, 21-11-09 - Clip 4

Lucy Pinder with Lazzy the IAMS TV Advert Cat

Lucy Pinder on Absolute Radio 25-07-09!!! Lucy Pinder repeated her success on Absolute Radio, appearing again on Tim Shaw's show on 25th July 2009. See here to download a recording of her performance.

Lucy Pinder on Absolute Radio 08-05-09 !!! On May 8th 2009 Lucy Pinder was a major participant in Tim Shaw's show on Absolute Radio. See here to download a recording of her performance.

Vote for Lucy Pinder in Nuts "100 Naked Babes" poll!

YOUTUBE DISASTER 30-04-09 - see here

Lucy Pinder in Energy Saving Trust promotion
10th February 2009

Lucy Pinder - Energy Saving Trust promo pictures

The ridiculous fallacy that the natural phenomenon of global warming is somehow affected by human activities may be damaging the economy and giving the politicians their dream excuse to raise taxes, but it is not all bad news. How so? you may well ask... Because the Energy Saving Trust have commissioned Lucy Pinder for their latest so-called "green" promotion. They may not have a clue about the climate but they have certainly made the best choice to front their promo. Who could fail to take note of any message presented by Lucy? Especially when she presents it like this...

Watch video: Lucy Pinder - Energy Saving Trust promo - Download the video from rapidshare (6.9MB) - Photos from the promo shoot (8.9MB) - Comment on the forum

Screenshot of Lucy Pinder from Energy Saving Trust campaign video

Lucy Pinder makes the Tories sexy
January-February 2009

Lucy Pinder for Prime Minister! Lucy Pinder has been offered a slot on BBC2's Daily Politics to discuss what she would do if she were Prime Minister for a day... or so the Daily Mirror tells us.

The Daily Star goes one better and tells us that Lucy would impose a flat income tax rate of 12% across the board. Yep, I'd vote for that... They then go on to report that the Conservative party want Lucy Pinder to be their icon. And with Lucy being an intelligent thinking woman, the complete opposite of the brainless orange Jordan bimbo stereotype, and a Tory supporter in her own right, such an idea would indeed work. A glamour model promoting the Conservatives? But Lucy is no ordinary glamour model - she has the unique qualities to make such an association a highly successful and advantageous partnership.

Lucy Pinder wearing Conservative blue rosettes

The Star's latest article on the subject proposes Lucy Pinder as a panellist on the BBC's "Question Time". And once again it is a spot that with Lucy's unique intelligence and talent she would make a shining success of. Let us hope that the BBC have the perceptiveness to realise this themselves.

This whole business of "Lucy Pinder and the Conservatives" is, indeed, something of a surprise. A throwaway remark by Lucy that she is a Conservative supporter has caught the imagination of the media with unusual force. But the ideas that they have proposed as a result are unusually perceptive... for Lucy's talents extend far beyond modelling, and there is no question that her involvement would indeed raise the popularity and profile of the Conservative party in segments of the population who are not normally interested much in politics. And it is always possible that these ideas will spread from the media to the Tories themselves and we will see the proof of their merit.

And who knows... perhaps one day she might get the job for real. Far-fetched? Of course. But she has the brain and the interest... so we can but hope. Lucy is an admirer of Margaret Thatcher - who, whether or not one agrees with her policies, was undoubtedly the only PM worthy of the name we have had in recent years, and is an excellent role model... And Lucy would equally undoubtedly be able to do a better job herself.

Comment on the forum...

Lucy Pinder in Tory blue bikini

Please visit our website's forum!

Lucy Pinder judges "Make Me A Glamour Model"
13th August 2008

In Autumn 2008 a new show, Make Me A Glamour Model, is airing on Nuts TV. Watch Lucy in the trailer
Download trailer from rapidshare (9MB)
More videos and downloads on the Shows page
The show offers aspiring models the chance to "get exposure along with help and guidance from the best in the glamour model business".

Naturally, a show featuring "the best in the glamour model business" cannot be complete without Lucy Pinder. And so Lucy's expertise was called upon both as a judge in the auditions and to assess the performance of the candidates in a trial shoot.

Logo for Make Me A Glamour Model
Lucy Pinder dispenses her advice
Lucy Pinder dispensing her expert advice on modelling

Make Me A Glamour Model is currently being shown on Nuts TV at 9:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, with repeats at other times.

Lucy Pinder discussing modelling on Make Me A Glamour Model
Lucy Pinder discusses the ins and outs of modelling

Lucy Pinder at Nuts Babe Search 2008 finals
25th July 2008

The Nuts Babe Search 2008 competition took place in the spring of 2008. From March to June, a team from Nuts magazine toured clubs around the country in search of the Nuts Babe 2008.

The team put forward a shortlist of contestants from whom the lucky winner was selected at the final judging event at the Cafe de Paris on 25th July 2008. Lucy Pinder was one of the judges tasked with making the selection.

Lucy Pinder at Nuts Babe Search 2008 finals
Lucy Pinder at the Nuts Babe Search 2008 finals

Lucy Pinder pondering her judgement
Lucy Pinder pondering the merits of a Babe Search candidate

The competition is now the subject of a new series on Nuts TV, featuring "the best of the Nuts Babe Search, heats and final, every week" at midnight on Fridays, repeated at 11:30pm on Mondays. Lucy did not take part in judging the heats, but she was an essential part of the final. The shows already broadcast have featured glimpses of Lucy sitting on the judging panel at the final, and it is expected that her participation will feature when the final is televised on Nuts TV.

Lucy Pinder with the winner of Nuts Babe Search 2008
Lucy Pinder with the winning candidate

Lucy Pinder at the finals of Nuts Babe Search 2008
Lucy Pinder relaxing with other judges at the Babe Search finals

Lucy Pinder wins publishing contract for video novel
11th May 2008

Lucy's performances in Book at Bedtime with Lucy Pinder (see bottom of linked page) have won her an international publishing contract. Described as a "whole new concept in publishing", Lucy Pinder is to write her own novel and its publication will be accompanied by a video of her reading it in "Book at Bedtime" style. Nothing of the kind has been attempted before, and Lucy is all set to take the publishing world by storm... another major success for Lucy is on the way!

Lucy Pinder reading from Romeo and Juliet in Book at Bedtime
Lucy Pinder reads from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

Nuts TV is, unfortunately for overseas readers, a UK-only channel. But the internet crosses the oceans. And so it was that Lucy's sexy yet demure elegance as she presented her Book at Bedtime, her talent for expression and her beautiful clear voice were impressing not only viewers in the UK but across the globe. And somewhere in America she inspired someone not only to think "we need more of this", but to do something about it.

And so Lucy was offered the chance to perform a Book at Bedtime not of a brief couple of minutes, but as a full-length video. But that was not all. No mere Shakespeare or Tolstoy would script this video. Oh no. The novel that Lucy would read from would be written by Lucy herself.

From glamour model to international novelist in two minutes of reading Shakespeare. Only one person in the world could achieve such a thing. That person is the sensation that is Lucy Pinder.

Only Lucy would have been reading Shakespeare on Nuts TV in the first place. And only Lucy could extend the concept of those readings into a full-length video novel, written and read by herself, nothing like which has ever been published before.

The news was reported in the Daily Star on the 11th May 2008, and the world now waits with bated breath for the publication of Lucy "Jane Austen" Pinder's first momentous work...

Daily Star article: Lucy's All Write

Further developments will be reported on this site as soon as any news is available.

Lucy Pinder in Nuts/WKD Football Awards on MTV and TMF
8th May 2008

Lucy Pinder attended the ceremony for the 2008 Nuts WKD Football Awards, broadcast on MTV/TMF on Sunday 11th May 2008 at 9:00pm and Monday 12th May at midnight.

Unfortunately the broadcast did not feature the raison d'etre of her attendance, and she was only on screen incidentally for a few seconds.

Lucy on screen
Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards ceremony: screenshot
Lucy Pinder, Nuts/WKD Football Awards, TMF, 10:30pm, 16 May 2008

Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards 2008 ceremony
For more pictures click here
Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards ceremony

Pictures of Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards
Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Download high-resolution versions from rapidshare (11MB tar.gz archive):

Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (1 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (2 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (3 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (4 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (5 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (6 of 12)
Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (7 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (8 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (9 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (10 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (11 of 12) Lucy Pinder at Nuts/WKD Football Awards (12 of 12)

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