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Lucy Pinder's 2012 calendar is now available for preorder!!!
The Lucy Pinder 2012 calendar is far and away her best calendar ever! Previous years have been good, but this year's is truly outstanding! To get a flavour of it, see the outtake pics here. A definite "must-have" purchase.... you will definitely regret it if you don't buy this!

And as an extra goodie... if you order Lucy Pinder's 2012 calendar before the first of September, you can get it signed by Lucy herself! Orders will be delivered in October.
Lucy Pinder 2012 Calendar front and back covers

Official Lucy Pinder Posters - Now with stunning new pictures!
Amazing new Lucy Pinder pics - A1 posters for only £12.99! Lucy Pinder posters - new poster pic
To purchase posters of Lucy and other merchandise, please visit her official poster shop on the above link. New pictures are now available, some have never been published before and all are extremely good...
As well as posters, there are also bookmarks, coasters, fridge magnets, keyrings, mouse mats and mugs now available.

Lucy Pinder - Feature Girl pictorial interview (requires flash)
Lucy presents the launch issue of Feature Girl, the online magazine of the Red Hot Glamour Girls website. Click on the picture below to view the magazine (you will need the flash player installed).
Click to read the launch issue of Feature Girl, starring Lucy Pinder

The Lucy Pinder Television Website videos index See also: The Lucy Pinder Television youtube channel
Lucy Pinder pidditydidigeon youtube background image
All television material presented or hosted by Lucy is intended to be featured on this channel. Also follows her acting career. (It does not include other shows on which Lucy was merely a guest.)
A much more comprehensive collection is available via The Lucy Pinder Television Website videos index, including modelling videos as well as a more comprehensive selection of television appearances.

The Official Lucy Pinder Website link banner

Lucy Pinder's official website. Concentrates mainly on the glamour modelling work for which Lucy is best known. The only genuine official Lucy Pinder website.

Warning to other glamour models and their agents: Sadly, early in 2011 the operation of the official Lucy Pinder website fell into the hands of a so-called "web designer" by the name of Michael Roberts, of MNS Media. Roberts's staggering incompetence and arrogant, unprofessional attitude resulted in a catalogue of disasters, and it became necessary to remove the website from his control and hand over its operation to a completely different company. Said disasters include:

  • He moved the site to a new server without first making sure to recover all the data off the old one; the old one was then allowed to be decommissioned with the data still unrecovered. This resulted in the permanent, irrecoverable loss of four years' worth of content from the official website's forum. Such action represents nothing but absolutely inexcusable incompetence at the most basic level. There is not the slightest excuse for anyone claiming to be a web designer to bungle matters as badly as that.
  • Because the data lost through his incompetence included data vital to the functioning of the forum, he replaced the original forum package with another one. But instead of using one of the many high-quality free forum packages which are readily available, he installed a scrappy, low-quality "mickey mouse" package which was unacceptable to users and owners alike; which despite its low quality still costs money; which in its standard form lacks nearly all the functionality included as standard with almost all forum packages; and for which adding that normally-standard functionality costs even more money.
    While he did eventually replace the rubbish forum package with an acceptable one, it took him the best part of two months to do it - which is an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to take over a job which is, quite literally, only five minutes' work for anyone of a normal level of competence.
  • When members of the forum called attention to his deficiencies, he neither apologised for, nor even acknowledged, his fault. Instead he made a series of insulting posts on the forum suggesting that the people calling attention to his very obvious deficiencies were mentally ill. Eventually representations had to be made to the forum owners and to Lucy's management to prevent him from further posting of insults on the forum.
  • He set up, as part of the site, a service selling "exclusive" Lucy material, hosted not on the official website itself but on a site of his own which he uses to sell disgusting p*rnographic material - material which should never under any circumstances be associated with the work of Lucy or any other glamour model. He configured that site in such a way that subscribers to the service, when trying to enter the links to Lucy's material which the service delivered, would be likely to make errors, and that the result of such errors was that the subscribers were directed to a page containing numerous adverts for the aforesaid disgusting and inappropriate material. Again it was necessary to make representations to Lucy's management to get him to install a proper error page without such inappropriate adverts.
  • He claimed that this service provides regular weekly updates but this was not the case. Updates were random and occured at intervals which were unpredictable but certainly much longer than a week. He runs similar services in respect of other glamour models which are also reported as signally failing to provide the regular updates at the claimed intervals.
  • He operated the subscription, not by conventional credit/debit card payment, but by premium SMS services - a means which is unacceptable to many users within the UK, and is inherently inaccessible to any would-be users outside the UK.
  • Much of the so-called "exclusive" material was not "exclusive" at all, but was merely pictures which had already appeared in various magazines.
  • Thanks to his continuing incompetence, it became necessary to remove his excuse for a service and replace it with one run by a completely different company; the new company has no connection with Roberts or MNS Media, is not subject to any of the above criticisms, and is immeasurably better in every way.
  • For the same reasons he and his organisation were also removed from control of the main website, and it too was handed over to the same competent replacement.

Any glamour models or their agents reading this are therefore warned to avoid at all costs having anything to do with Michael Roberts, MNS Media or any associated business, lest they too fall victim to such outrageous incompetence and lack of professionalism.

Links related to Lucy's TV work and career

Nuts TV - the latest on Nuts TV, what's on, what's coming, and clips of past material.

Nuts (magazine) The website of Nuts magazine.

MTV The MTV UK website.

Miscellaneous Lucy-related links

Official page on Facebook for Lucy enthusiasts - Note this is a fan page run on Lucy's behalf, not a personal page run by Lucy herself.

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Lucy Pinder's profile on redhotglamourgirls

Lucy Pinder presents the launch issue of Feature Girl, the online magazine of Red Hot Glamour Girls

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Lucy Pinder's profile on - unofficial Lucy Pinder fan site

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Material on this website is published for the benefit of all. The reasoning behind this site is that Lucy Pinder's television presenting work is of outstanding quality but is not as well known as she deserves, because of the relative obscurity of Nuts TV as a channel. To have a website dedicated to her TV work goes some way towards remedying that defect.

Therefore, readers are positively encouraged to link to pages and videos on this site, to embed youtube videos and playlists listed here in other pages, to post links to this site on blogs and fora, or anything else which results in a wider audience for Lucy's work.

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