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The "official" tag is meaningless - the "official" site is one of the least reliable sources of Lucy Pinder information... nothing on it can be trusted unless it is confirmed elsewhere. It makes deliberately misleading statements and tells outright lies. It acts so as to harm Lucy's interests, both career-wise and personally; it places the interests of people who try to screw Lucy over ahead of her own welfare.
This site is more informative, more accurate, more reliable, more helpful, has vastly more and better photo and video content, is much more fan-friendly, promotes Lucy as an intelligent and talented person rather than as an ignorant idiot, and does
not sacrifice Lucy's own interests to protect the interests of those who see fit to screw Lucy over for their own selfish gain. The only Lucy Pinder forum you'll ever need!

Comparison of official and unofficial site...
SituationOfficial siteThis site
Lucy is trapped in a miserable situation. She states on TV to an audience of millions that she wants to get out of it. An asshole gets up in her face and bullies her until she cries; this is televised. Ignores Lucy's statement on TV. Pretends it "doesn't know" she wants to get out. Encourages people to try and prevent her getting out. Dismisses the bullying as unimportant. Attacks people who disagree. Encourages people to help Lucy to get out. Thinks both the bullying itself and its dismissal by the official site are appalling. Is attacked by the official site for trying to help Lucy.
Lucy is conned into accepting the services of a so-called "web designer" who is both incompetent and exploitative, and makes a practice of ripping off glamour models. He destroys four years' worth of content on the official forum by incompetence, launches Lucy's mobile service in a form which doesn't work but does lead people to his p*rn sites instead, replaces the official forum's WowBB installation with some junk package which is nigh unusable, and generally wreaks havoc. Insists the mobile service does work when it plainly doesn't. Allows "web designer" to respond to people who report it not working by calling them "mentally defective", and doesn't care that that's his only response. Says it doesn't matter that the mobile service is effectively using Lucy's name to sell his p*rn. Ignores the destruction of four years' worth of content. Dismisses with snidey putdowns anyone who comments on the problems. Acknowledges, with disapproval, that this "web designer" is ripping Lucy off by providing such an incompetent and dysfunctional service. Points out that his incompetences - eg. moving the forum to a new server without bothering to recover the data off the old one, setting up the mobile service to provide links which look as if they lead to Lucy's material but instead "accidentally" take people to his p*rn sites - are so egregious that there is no possible excuse for them. Eventually succeeds in getting him removed and replaced with someone who does know how to do their job.
Lucy is booked to take part in an event which turns out to be run by devious, abusive, selfish assholes. She is observed to be acting as if afraid of what they will do if she even speaks to someone without their permission. She is sufficiently "under their thumb" that she is in denial about this abusive treatment. Her behaviour under their influence is reminiscent of a victim of mental abuse backed up by domestic violence. Makes out that the observation of Lucy's oppressed behaviour is a fabrication, when in reality it is an eyewitness report from someone who has spent much time helping a victim of domestic and mental abuse and is thoroughly familiar with the behaviour patterns involved. Orchestrates a deniable smear campaign to try and discredit the report, by emailing lies and smear material to other websites and encouraging them to publish it. Publicises the despicable behaviour of these assholes. Points out that the propaganda about Lucy's involvement does not tell the whole story. Is all too well aware, from experience, of how mental abuse can induce something similar to "Stockholm syndrome" whereby the victim is in denial of the abuse and supports the abuser. Makes it clear that it is absolutely unacceptable for Lucy to be in such a situation.
Lucy's agency, Girl Management, becomes too indolent to bother getting her work. Lucy's published output drops, very suddenly, by a factor of four. Nine months go by with her only having three half-sized features published, when previously she had had eight full-size features in six months. From being a star of the glamour scene she drops into such relative obscurity that people even begin to mistakenly think she's retired when she hasn't at all. Tries to pretend there's nothing wrong. Mendaciously combines Lucy's average publication rates both before and after the sudden drop into a single overall figure to try and conceal the drop. Cites shoots which are not published and which Lucy does not get paid for - which she may even have to spend out for - as evidence of Lucy getting work, ignoring the unpaid and/or unpublished nature of it. Fails to acknowledge that it is Lucy's published work which is the foundation of her success and is vital to her career progress. Points out that huge numbers of Lucy's fans know very well there is something wrong, because they are having to wait so much longer for new material to be published. Points out that Lucy has said she wants to carry on modelling and is still extremely popular - that the fault is definitely not hers, but Girl Management's. Makes it clear that for Girl Management to renege on their responsibilities to Lucy in this way is not acceptable.
Generally, any situation which results in disappointment for Lucy's fans, restriction of Lucy's career prospects, Lucy being fleeced or abused, or other negative consequences. Denies that the negative consequences exist regardless of how blatantly obvious they are. Attributes this denial to Lucy, thereby making her look as if she's too stupid to see when something is doing her no good. Pretends that no other people are involved and that everything that happens is 100% down to Lucy alone; if forced to admit the involvement of others, tries to make out that their interests have no influence and only Lucy can affect things. By so doing, makes Lucy look self-destructive as well as stupid. Acknowledges the negative consequences, acknowledges the involvement of other people, explains that while the situation may be bad for Lucy it is of benefit to the other people involved and that it is their interest, not Lucy's, which is responsible for the situation. Makes it clear that Lucy certainly is not stupid or self-destructive, that she is highly intelligent, but that the same character traits which make her such a lovely person also sadly render her easy for people in what is after all a very selfish and unscrupulous industry to manipulate and exploit her for their own benefit... that Lucy's only "fault" is simply being too nice, and the censure should be directed at those who are taking advantage of that.

The Lucy Pinder Television site
with Video Index and Photo Gallery
featuring Lucy Pinder's Book at Bedtime and Lucy's other work on Nuts TV

lucy-pinder-01-11-2011-strippers-vs-werewolves-svw-3-7255 LUCY PINDER'S FILM DEBUT IS OUT! Also available on itunes!
Lucy Pinder's film debut in Strippers vs Werewolves is now available on DVD and Blu-ray! Click here to order the DVD from Amazon, or click here to order the Blu-ray.

Lucy Pinder in Strippers vs Werewolves in the shops Lucy Pinder in Strippers vs Werewolves on itunes Strippers vs Werewolves is also available on itunes and on Filmflex from Virgin Media.

And you can even buy it the old-fashioned way in the shops. So there really is no reason to miss it!

Lucy Pinder at MMA Show Live, NEC, 12th-13th May Lucy Pinder PA - The MMA Show Live, NEC, 12th-13th May
Lucy Pinder is appearing on the Nuts stand at the MMA Show Live at the NEC, 12th-13th May, along with Rosie Jones and Holly Peers. Definitely one not to be missed! EVENT CANCELLED - See here for ticket refunds

Two new shows for Lucy Pinder! See here for details...
Video: Lucy Pinder - Models, Misfits and Mayhem - 01-11-2011 Video: Lucy Pinder - Richard Herring's Objective - 22-11-2011

Lucy Pinder supports the extremely worthy TigerTime campaign to save the tiger... please add your support too!

Far and away Lucy's best calendar yet! Order it here from Lucy's shop on Red Hot Glamour Girls!
Want to see what it's like? Lucy Pinder 2012 Calendar shoot outtake pics here - and previews from Nuts magazine here!
Lucy Pinder 2012 Calendar shoot video!
Lucy Pinder 2012 Calendar shoot video splash image

Lucy Pinder Lynx Dry campaign

Lucy Pinder has recently filmed an advertising campaign for Lynx, the deodorant company, promoting their "Lynx Dry" range. It was an epic shoot and definitely some of her best work to date! Any advertisers looking for a gorgeous lady to star in their adverts would be well advised to check out Lucy's work for Lynx!
There are online games on the Lynx website, and a huge number of simply gorgeous videos! Here are a couple of tasters...
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Kissing
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Kissing

Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Car Wash
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx Dry - Car Wash

There are more videos on the Lynx website, if you guess the right verbs to enter... or if you don't want to mess about you can find them here. Check out this incredible behind-the-scenes video from Lucy's shoot!
Video: Lucy Pinder - Lynx campaign - Behind the Scenes
Video: Lucy Pinder Lynx campaign behind the scenes - screenshot

Lucy Pinder to star in "Strippers vs Werewolves"!
Lucy Pinder has landed herself a role in new comedy "Strippers vs Werewolves". She plays a sexy vampire bride who terrorizes a vampire hunter. This role sounds right up Lucy's street!

Quote from Lucy herself: "I'm delighted to be making my feature film debut for Black & Blue Films in Strippers vs. Werewolves - it's a really funny part and a hilarious script and I can't wait to start."

And we can't wait to see the result! Bookmark this link to be sure of getting all the latest updates!

Lucy Pinder's new column for laid.co.uk!
Lucy is answering questions about women, politics, football, modelling, TV shows... any subject under the sun, as long as it's decent! Email your questions to lucy (at) laid.co.uk to be answered in person by the lady herself. See the link for details!

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Lucy Pinder promoting Hot Shots 2011 Calendar at the Shot Show, Las Vegas
Lucy's USA charity promotion for Help for Heroes!

Click here for the LUCY PINDER VIDEOS INDEX, featuring Nuts TV videos, modelling videos and more. All videos are downloadable. On the forum you will find all the latest Lucy Pinder news, and in the Lucy Pinder Photo Gallery are probably more Lucy Pinder pictures than you will find on any other website.
Screenshot of Lucy Pinder on Nuts TV presenting Overexposed
Free DVD set: Lucy Pinder on Nuts TV

Lucy Pinder in Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash advert!
Lucy Pinder puts the glamour into motorcycle insurance!
Lucy Pinder Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash advert - Video
Lucy Pinder Bennetts bikini bike wash

Lucy Pinder Bennetts Bikini Bike Wash: Download HQ video

New show for Lucy on BBC3!!! Lucy Pinder stars in "The Real Hustle Undercover"! The BBC3 show "The Real Hustle Undercover" featured Lucy Pinder on the 11th February 2010. In a fine demonstration of her superb acting talent she calmly and professionally pulled a very neat switch on an unsuspecting punter. See here for details and discussion.
Video: Watch Lucy Pinder on "The Real Hustle"
Video: Lucy Pinder on The Real Hustle 11-02-10

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Lucy Pinder's 2011 Calendar!!! Her best yet by far!!!
Also new poster pictures and more besides...
Lucy Pinder poster - new poster pic Lucy Pinder 2011 Calendar front cover preview Lucy Pinder poster - new poster pic

Lucy Pinder judges "Make Me A Glamour Model" on Nuts TV
See Lucy in the trailer - Download trailer - More videos and downloads

Lucy Pinder judges the final of Nuts Babe Search 2008


Lucy Pinder in Nuts/WKD Football Awards - see here

Lucy Pinder, Britain's leading glamour model, is far more than "just a pretty face". Intelligent, charming and witty, with an ability to draw people out of themselves, she is also stunningly talented as a television presenter. She was a major player on the digital channel Nuts TV, which was aired in the UK from September 2007 to January 2009, presenting both live shows and recorded material, and appearing in advertising for the channel. She has also presented a series on the MTV channel TMF, made her acting debut in BBC1's "Hotel Babylon", and confirmed her acting talent with an appearance on BBC3's "The Real Hustle".

On this site you will find videos of Lucy Pinder's film and TV work, information about her TV career, news of any new shows or forthcoming screen appearances, and a complete list of all shows featuring Lucy presenting or acting, with full-length videos to watch online or download.

Lucy's first appearance on Nuts TV was to present a series entitled Book at Bedtime with Lucy Pinder, a bedtime story show with a difference. Lounging luxuriously on a bed in a sequence of different negligees, Lucy read excerpts from Shakespeare, Tolstoy's "War and Peace", and HG Wells's "War of the Worlds". Who would have thought that Nuts TV would feature Shakespeare? They reckoned without Lucy... Viewers expecting material more characteristic of Nuts were also catered for, with some hilarious comedy spoofs on the theme of Mills and Boon, featuring characters taking deep amorous sniffs of one another's armpits and quivering like a jellyfish with a thing about being thrashed with a fly-swat. And don't forget what happened to Barcelona Motel...

2008 began with a huge success for Lucy Pinder. Viewers of Nuts TV were surprised and delighted by the appearance of a banner on the screen counting down the days until Lucy would be presenting Nuts TV. Sure enough, on the 15th January, there she was on the Nuts TV presenter's sofa, presenting the full four hours of Nuts TV live.

Anyone tuning in that night who had never heard of Lucy would never have guessed that she had never presented a TV show before, let alone a live one. She carried off the whole four hours with consummate skill as if she had been presenting for years. She was never at a loss, never stumbled, always knew exactly what to do and faced the TV cameras as naturally as she does the photographers'. This was no glamour model guest-presenting on the side, this was a professional TV presenter looking for the chance to shine. And shine she did. That is the talent which is Lucy Pinder.

Lucy presented again on the 16th and 17th with the same assured professionalism. She may never have done it before but she was more impressive than all the regular presenters put together.

After a few days of tantalising trailers, Lucy then returned to the screen as a member of the "South" team in the first of the season's run of "North Vs. South" - the comedy "game show that stirs the blood" on Nuts TV. The South won, of course... in no small part due to Lucy's knowledge.

Subsequently she began another series, Overexposed, providing "top tips on how to make your photos glossier, more glamourous and sexier" to the aspiring amateur glamour photographer from her professional experience. Each episode was a short presentation by Lucy talking to the camera, giving advice on different aspects of glamour photography... short they may have been, but the advice was sound and informative, clearly presented with a touch of surreal humour... snakes, lights... lights, snakes... whatever. This was usually shown some time between 11pm and midnight on Nuts TV. "Overexposed" ran to two series and about 24 episodes.

Lucy's next appearance on Nuts TV was again to present the live show, in a regular guest slot every Thursday night beginning 7th February 2008. Altogether she presented the show for six evenings through February and March. As in January, she performed with smooth and assured competence, and brought the usually dull show to life with her characteristic wit and charm. On some evenings the live show was followed by repeats of "Book at Bedtime" or "Overexposed".

Lucy has also appeared on Nuts TV in a hilarious mini-series of an interview conducted on the set of Book at Bedtime. The supposed "interviewer" was introduced as being a work experience bod, and attempts to interview Lucy with comical ineptness. Lucy then turns the entire situation round and soon she is interviewing him, with her customary assurance.

As well as her Nuts TV work, Lucy Pinder has this year also presented Pinder and Pearson's Late Night Love-in, a "countdown of saucy videos", on the MTV channel TMF. As the title suggests, the co-presenter was Kayleigh Pearson, but Lucy was the undoubted star of the show, deserving top billing. "Pinder and Pearson's Late-Night Love-in" was a five-part series that was shown on 11th-15th February 2008. Again lounging on a bed in a variety of different silken nightwear, Lucy and her co-presenter introduced a selection of "saucy" music videos in a half-hour presentation.

2008 also saw Lucy Pinder's acting debut, when she appeared playing a hotel guest in BBC1's "Hotel Babylon", broadcast on Tuesday 19th February 2008. Unfortunately her appearance was only a few seconds long, but even from that brief glimpse it is clear that she would have been well capable of playing a much more significant part.

Not content with that, Lucy then moved on to become an international novelist. An American publishing organisation, enthused by her performances on "Book at Bedtime", has enlisted her to write her own novel and then read it on video in a full-length "Book at Bedtime" style performance.

Lucy's final appearance on Nuts TV was as a presenter and judge for the series "Make Me A Glamour Model", aired in the summer of 2008. Eight would-be models were selected for trial photoshoots with the aim of winning a contract with Neon Management. Lucy was a member of the judging panels for both the initial shortlist selection and for the selection of the overall winner, and in addition she presented a short segment on the panel's initial assessment of each candidate.

On the 11th February 2010 Lucy Pinder starred on "The Real Hustle" on BBC3. In a beautifully smooth and professional piece of acting she pulled a very neat switch on an unsuspecting punter. It was a wonderful demonstration of her indisputable talent. Watch her performance here.

Some videos of Lucy's television performances are viewable on youtube. (See here for how to download them off youtube.)

There are also many videos of Lucy Pinder to watch on this site. Links are provided to download each video. The collection includes Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV, all episodes of Book at Bedtime with Lucy Pinder, a large number of Lucy Pinder's modelling photoshoot videos, and several interviews and PAs. All the videos may be downloaded or watched online.

Here is a list of Lucy's output:

Video collection: Lucy Pinder on Television Here is the largest available collection Lucy Pinder's television work for Nuts TV.
Lucy Pinder playlists:
Lucy Pinder Television Presenter - Nuts TV 20/03/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 20th March 2008.
Lucy Pinder Television Presenter - Nuts TV 13/03/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 13th March 2008.
(There is no playlist for 06/03/08 because unfortunately Lucy was ill on that date and could not present.)
Lucy Pinder Television Presenter - Nuts TV 28/02/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 28th February 2008.
Lucy Pinder Television Presenter - Nuts TV 21/02/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 21st February 2008.
Lucy Pinder - Television Presenter - Nuts TV 14/07/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 14th February 2008.
Lucy Pinder - Television Presenter - Nuts TV 07/02/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 7th February 2008.
(The video of Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 17th January 2008 has yet to be uploaded.)
Lucy Pinder - Television Presenter - Nuts TV 16/01/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 16th January 2008.
Lucy Pinder - Television Presenter - Nuts TV 15/01/08 Lucy Pinder presenting Nuts TV on 15th January 2008.
Lucy Pinder - Overexposed Interested in doing your own glamour shoot? Top tips for the aspiring photographer, from the top glamour model in the business.
Lucy Pinder - Interview Lucy Pinder in an amusing interview on the set of "Book at Bedtime".
Lucy Pinder in "North Vs. South" - the comedy game show that stirs the blood, only on Nuts TV.
Lucy Pinder's Book at Bedtime Lucy Pinder reads excerpts from literature - and hilariously rude and silly comedy readings too.
"Book at Bedtime" sub-playlists:
Lucy Pinder - Comedy at Bedtime Spoof readings on the theme of Mills and Boon - only much ruder, much sillier and infinitely more funny.
Lucy Pinder's War of the Worlds - Four readings from the earlier chapters of HG Wells's "War of the Worlds".
Lucy Pinder's War and Peace - Excerpts from Tolstoy's "War and Peace".

Pinder and Pearson's Late Night Love-in - Lucy Pinder as the star presenter of a countdown of saucy music videos, over five nights on MTV/TMF.

Lucy Pinder in "Level Crossings: Don't Run The Risk" - a "viral" commissioned by Network Rail to highlight the dangers of misusing level crossings.

Screenshot of Lucy Pinder on television presenting Overexposed

Note: This site is not an "official" Lucy Pinder resource. There is ONLY ONE such resource - the ONLY official source of information about Lucy is the Official Lucy Pinder Website. However, every effort is made to maintain this site to the same standards of accuracy as the official website.
Indeed, if anything the standards of accuracy of this site are higher than those of the official site - to take just one example, on a certain occasion the official site encouraged people to act in a manner which was directly opposed to Lucy's own wishes as stated by her before an audience of millions on TV, then tried to excuse this by making the preposterous claim that they "didn't know" that Lucy wanted the opposite of what they were trying to achieve. The truth is that they knew very well, but were determined to ignore Lucy's wishes and follow their own agenda - not only had they seen the broadcast in question, they had also deleted verbatim quotes of Lucy's own words off the official forum because what she said contradicted what they were trying to do.
Such behaviour by a site which claims to be "official" and to represent Lucy faithfully is inexcusable, and part of the
raison d'être of this site is to provide a counter to such anti-Lucy activities by the official site.
And neither this site nor the associated youtube channel are written or maintained by Lucy hiding under another name, since it seems necessary to point this out.

Facebook pages: Lucy does NOT have a facebook account.
There do exist on facebook the Lucy Pinder Television Website facebook page, which is maintained along with this site, and the Lucy Pinder Facebook Fanpage, which is an independently-maintained fan page. But there are NO pages on facebook by Lucy herself, and any facebook pages claiming to be Lucy Pinder are fakes.

Moreover, the claims made by the abovementioned fanpage, and by the official forum, that Lucy "regularly" reads them, are not true. She glances at them once every few months or so, and that's about it. Do not be misled into thinking that you can contact Lucy through them, nor that she will read any comments you post - she won't.

The same comments apply to the official Lucy myspace page - it makes out that Lucy reads everything posted on it, when in reality she reads none of it.

Absolutely the only place on the internet where you will find the genuine Lucy Pinder herself in person is on her twitter page.

Fake Myspace page The lucypinder500 page on myspace, despite its claim to be "official", is a FAKE. It is not "official" at all. Do not think it is Lucy - it is not. Furthermore, it has no connection with this website either. It does link to this website but that is entirely down to the unknown creator of the page and is nothing to do with me.

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