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Using the search function

The Lucy Pinder TV Website Gallery parametric search function

To search for photos on a particular date: Enter the date using the "From/On" drop-down boxes.

To search for photos between two dates: Enter the dates using the "From/On" and "To/Empty" drop-down boxes.

To search for photos before a particular date: Enter the date using the "To/Empty" drop-down boxes.

To search for photos after a particular date: Enter the date using the "From/On" drop-down boxes. Enter the year in the "To/Empty" boxes.

Don't know the exact day or month? Leaving the "Day" box set to "Any day" searches within the whole month. Similarly, leaving the "Month" box set to "Any month" searches within the whole year.

Clicking "Select tags or text" opens a box providing further options: (To close the box, click anywhere outside it.)

Select a category tag to find all photos associated with that tag. Multiple tags can be selected.

To search for photos of a certain minimum size in pixels, select the size with the "Minimum pixel size:" radio buttons. The search will return all photos whose longer edge is longer than that size in pixels.

To search for photos with filenames containing arbitrary word(s), enter the word(s) in the "Filename contains words:" box.

The "Filename contains words:" box has two extra functions - hash search and file size search. If an MD5 hash (32 hex characters) is entered, the search will return any photo matching that hash. If a decimal number between 4 and 8 digits is entered, the search will return photos whose file size in bytes is within 2% of that value. Other tolerances up to 9.9% can be specified by adding two extra digits, separated by a - sign - for example, 105964-46 will find all photos whose size is within 4.6% of 105964 bytes.

A search may be performed using any combination of dates, tags, pixel size, and word(s)/hash/file size. To omit a parameter simply leave it blank. Parameters are combined as follows:

[date|range_of_dates] AND [(tag [OR tag [OR tag...]])] AND [pixel_size] AND [word(s)|hash|file_size]

Please note that as yet not all photos have been indexed. To search for unindexed photos, click "Return to the main gallery" and browse using the pagination links.

Move the mouse outside this box to close it.

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