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Please be aware that it may not be possible to respond individually to every message.

To contact Lucy for professional engagements please do so through her management agency, Girl Management, as detailed on her official contact page.

Lucy Pinder
c/o Girl Management
22 Noel Street

Tel: 0207 434 1180
Fax: 0207 287 7499

Posters of Lucy and the official 2010 Lucy Pinder Calendar are available for purchase, see here for details.

Unfortunately this site cannot supply signed photographs or other merchandise. To obtain a signed photograph, please forward the photograph you would like signed, along with a stamped addressed envelope, to Lucy via Girl Management at the address above. Please be aware both of Lucy's busy schedule and the endemic slowness of the postal service.

The following is a quote from the official website concerning signed photographs:

Lucy is of course happy to sign pictures for her fans, however we do get a huge amount of requests for signed pictures. Unfortunately because of the cost involved we are unable to send signed pictures to everyone.

All you need to do is send a SAE (stamped and self addressed envelope) along with your picture of Lucy to the address [above], it will then be signed and returned. If you would like it personalized please specify this in your letter.

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