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Lucy Pinder - Ten Years Today! Congratulations!

Yes folks, it was 10 years ago today - 3rd August 2003 - that Lucy Pinder paid that historic visit to Bournemouth beach!

Congratulations to Lucy on an epic career and long may it continue :D















New rare video! Lucy Pinder "Fringe" shoot...

Not to detract from Lucy Pinder's appearance in Nuts tomorrow... but we have a new - well, newly-uploaded, at least :) - Lucy Pinder video on the site as well!

It's from Lucy's well-known "Fringe" shoot with the Daily Star some years ago... we've all seen the photos of Lucy with a fringe, but it was not exactly widely known that there was a video as well. And after all that time, it has finally turned up :D

Lucy in the Daily Star 09-06-2012

Old maybe, but a gorgeous picture of Lucy from the front page of the Daily Star 09-06-2012 :)


Lucy Pinder in the Daily Star, 23-02-11

How long have we been waiting for this? Lucy Pinder, the "Star of the Star", is back on page 3 on Wednesday 23-02-11!!!

Lucy Pinder, Daily Star, 23-02-11

Lucy Pinder - Daily Star "Builder" set pics

As I am sure we are all aware there has been a tragic shortage of features of Lucy Pinder in the Daily Star over the last couple of years.

This is due to a pair of thoroughly idiotic policy decisions by the Daily Star, firstly to reduce the amount of glamour content in their paper and secondly to slash the budget for Page 3 so they are no longer able to afford high quality models like Lucy.

Anyone who wants to see Lucy Pinder back in the Daily Star regularly, please visit the Daily Star Page 3 facebook page and post a message urging them to bring Lucy back.

To make up for this recent lack here are some high quality pics from Lucy's "builder" set for the Star. Visit this link to download the high quality versions or click on the sample pics below.

Lucy Pinder, Daily Star