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Malicious attack on this website by Damien Morley

On 11th December 2012, a new version of the official website, made by Damien Morley / UK Centrefolds, went live for Lucy Pinder.

On 12th December 2012, Damien Morley submitted a malicious complaint to the hosting company for this website. He made false allegations that "within hours" this website had reposted "premium content" from his official Lucy website, when in reality this had not happened.

The hosting company required him to provide the URLs of the allegedly infringing material. He was not able to do this, because there is no such material on this site.

He also claimed to have screenshots of infringing pages on this site. Again, when challenged, he failed to provide them. Again this is because the pages he claims they are of do not exist.

The hosting company rejected his complaint because he was not able to provide proof of his allegations.

Damien Morley's allegation was an outright lie and a complete fabrication. He knew full well that this website had not reposted premium content from his official Lucy website, and that he would not be able to provide URLs to the alleged reposts because they do not and did not exist. He submitted the complaint in the full knowledge that it was false. He was fully aware that an examination of this website would reveal that his complaint was false. Nevertheless he submitted it anyway.

He even claimed that I had "stolen premium content" from his official Lucy website before it even existed. Does he think I have a time machine? Not only does he allege that I did things which I did not do, he alleges that I did something which is actually impossible outside the realms of science fiction, and yet still expects it to be taken seriously.

I consider Damien Morley's actions, in deliberately submitting a complaint which he knew he would not be able to substantiate and which he knew to be false, to constitute malicious harrassment.

I also consider his claims that I have caused harm to Lucy Pinder by doing things which I did not in reality do to constitute defamation.

There is no Damien Morley material on this website.

The policy of this website is, and has been since its inception, that "premium content" may not be posted.

The dialogue with the hosting company is reproduced below. Note how despite Morley's repeated claims to have "evidence" he is consistently unable to actually provide it.

Damien Morley (Original Report)

This account delayed the launch of my clients website by stealing, editing and reposting premium content.

We believed our last ticket resolved this to some extent and launched my clients website last night (11/12/12)

Within hours, premium content was posted by this user on his account with yourselves.

He has also posted content on other forums that we are talking with about getting it removed.

This is causing considerable distress for my client. It is having an adverse effect on her livelihood and we are going to need to seek damages through the courts.

Please tell me what you can do to stop this harassment.


Damien Morley


Everything in this "complaint" is a lie. Not only is Morley continuing his harrassment and persecution of me, he is fabricating allegations which are untrue, ridiculous and not even possible.

- "This account delayed the launch of my clients website"

Not true. Morley decided of his own accord to delay the launch of his website because he decided that singling out me for persecution from the hundreds of other websites which have the same material was more important than doing his job. It's not my fault if he is sufficiently unprofessional as to put personal spite ahead of his and his client's business interests and I absolutely will not take the blame for his own actions.

- "by stealing, editing and reposting premium content."

A lie. An outright lie, and what's more, impossible. I did not do this. How could I possibly "steal" "premium content" from a website that DIDN'T EXIST at the time? The material I reposted was from one of the many other websites on which it is to be found... and none of them "stole premium content" from Morley's website either because it didn't exist until last night. Wherever the material originally came from it wasn't part of the content of any website.

When Morley's website was launched last night, however, it was clear from the free content on the front page that Morley is cheating both his client and the subscribers to his website. The front page advertises six photosets as brand new exclusive material. They are not. Material from all but one of them has been available all over the internet for many months, in some cases since March. Morley is trying to cheat people into paying for material which they more than likely already have.

This still does not explain his persecution of me since there are so many other websites with the same material - and they did not get it from me, I got it from them. Morley seems to find it appropriate to single me out for harrassment while ignoring anyone else who posts the same material, which is still available on many other websites - sites which get way more traffic than mine - including the one where I found it.

(Note that arguments against this point based on copyright are irrelevant because they do not take account of reality. What counts is that the material *is* freely available and has been so for months, therefore to claim it as new and exclusive and attempt to get people to pay for it is cheating. How it became freely available is irrelevant - except insofar that it was not me who made it so and it would still be freely available if I did not exist - it is the fact of its availability which is significant.)

- "We believed our last ticket resolved this to some extent and launched my clients website last night (11/12/12)
Within hours, premium content was posted by this user on his account with yourselves."

This is ANOTHER lie. I do not have access to the premium content on his website. In order to gain access it is necessary to register and pay a fee. I have neither registered nor paid (and nor have I borrowed anyone else's account). I have never logged into his website and I have never even seen the premium content. I certainly have not reposted it. And as I explained last time this liar decided to persecute me I do not allow premium content to be posted on my website.

- "He has also posted content on other forums that we are talking with about getting it removed."

And none of that is premium content either, nor is any of it hosted on this server, so this comment is doubly irrelevant.

- "This is causing considerable distress for my client. It is having an adverse effect on her livelihood and we are going to need to seek damages through the courts."

This is yet another lie and is plain evil with it.

The "distress to his client" is being caused by MORLEY HIMSELF. It is nothing to do with me. Nothing I do or have done has any bearing on his activities and all the distress both to his client and to myself could have been avoided if he had simply treated me in the same way that he has treated all the other people who posted the same material and taken no notice of it.

That which is "having an adverse effect on her livelihood" is again Morley's actions taken by his own free choice. It is his fault that revenue has been lost because he delayed the launch out of unprofessional childish spite. He is further causing her to lose revenue by trying to pass off as "new and exclusive" material which has been freely available for months. I am not responsible for Morley putting his vendetta against me ahead of doing his job, and nor am I responsible for him being so unprofessional as to launch a brand new website which tries to cheat people into paying for material they quite likely already have.

If anyone needs to "seek damages through the courts" it is Lucy Pinder to seek damages of Morley, for messing her around and needlessly delaying the launch of her website through putting malicious childish personal vendettas ahead of business, when there is no reason at all why he could not have simply got on with doing his job and launched it two months ago and saved everyone a whole lot of trouble.

- "Please tell me what you can do to stop this harassment."

I can barely believe I just read that.

Not only does this lying scumbag invent a whole farrago of nonsense for no other reason than to persecute and harrass me when I have done nothing to him and am not even able to do the thing he falsely accuses me of, he then has the unbelievable gall to accuse *me* of harrassing *him*?

It is Morley who is harrassing me. I have no idea why he has decided to pursue this vendetta against me but it is obvious that he holds sufficient spite against me to submit a totally spurious abuse ticket consisting entirely of lies and accusing me of things which I have not done and am not even able to do.

I will NOT be accused of harrassment by the person who is harrassing me and who instigated the whole affair. I will NOT be blamed for someone else's grossly unprofessional actions over a period of months causing his client to lose revenue.

Morley is lying out of personal spite. He has no grounds whatsoever to complain about me. He instigated the harrassment, he has caused great trouble and distress both to me and to his client, he did this of his own free will and there would have been no adverse consequences had he not done it, on the contrary everyone concerned would have been a lot better off - including himself. The whole problem is entirely his responsibility and I will not stand for his persecution and his attempts to blame his own actions on his victim.


No response all day either on here or elsewhere, so, since none of his accusations are true, I am closing this (should maybe mark it "Incorrectly assigned to me" but I don't think Rapidswitch have a "looney fiction" department to assign it to instead :) )

Damien Morley

I wont bother reading the above. i have evidence to support my claims.

The facts remains content I own Is on your clients account without license. That's illegal. EVERYTHING else is irrelevant.

There is no personal grievance here, a simple quest for the laws to be upheld.


"The facts remains content I own Is on your clients account without license." This is NOT TRUE. All the Damien Morley content was removed back in November and there has been no such content added since. His so-called "evidence" can only be fabricated since he cannot possibly "have evidence" of something which does not exist. There certainly is some kind of personal grievance since otherwise he would not go to the trouble of making up these ridiculous lies.


For all his complaint I am driven to wonder if Morley actually has looked at my website, because if he did he would see that there is none of his material on it... for him to act so convinced of something which is so visibly untrue he can only be making it up.

Damien Morley

31 screen shots just taken say otherwise. (Without the attached image pages)

Content posted on the official site tonight is already on your clients account.


I will continue to work with you to resolve this matter but feel engaging this misinformed individual is getting us no where.


"31 screen shots just taken say otherwise."

Screen shots OF WHAT? They are not of my site because there is NO MORLEY MATERIAL ON IT. Either they are of some other site entirely or he has faked them using photoshop.

"(Without the attached image pages)"

And without the URLs either. He claims to have "evidence" but deliberately refuses to actually provide it, so his claim doesn't actually mean anything. Indeed it actually lowers his credibility, since if the "evidence" actually exists and is real then he would have no problem providing it. Failing to do so merely reinforces the view that he is inventing wild false assertions which he cannot actually back up.

"Content posted on the official site tonight is already on your clients account."

I have no idea what content Morley may or may not have posted on his website tonight but none of it is on mine. As I said before I am not registered on his website and have never logged in to it. This is still the case. I can't even see the premium content, let alone repost it. I have posted six new images tonight, that is all. None of them are Morley's. Three of them are not even taken with a proper camera, they are just low-quality crappy-snaps taken on mobile phones - definitely not Morley's! The other three are nothing to do with him either. If Morley has posted anything I don't even know about it so whatever he is talking about is nothing to do with me.


Making false accusations may well be illegal - certainly when he knows them to be false. Fabricating evidence to back them up certainly is illegal too. I'm not sure where making the assertion that he has evidence but deliberately failing to provide it falls in legal terms, but it definitely comes under the category of actions of someone posting a malicious complaint and conducting it in such a way as to create the maximum possible amount of trouble - it plainly is not what someone with a genuine complaint who wants to seek a resolution would do.

"I will continue to work with you to resolve this matter"

...when in fact his message itself demonstrates that he is doing the opposite. If he genuinely wanted to resolve it he would provide his so-called "screenshots" along with the URLs of the respective pages. Instead he just claims he has them and then blatantly says he isn't going to provide them, in a repeat of the same deliberately obstructive behaviour he displayed last time.

"but feel engaging this misinformed individual is getting us no where."

Misin... what?! Is he seriously suggesting that because he asserts that I have done something when I know myself that I have not done it, then *I* am the misinformed one?

Of the images I have posted yesterday and today not a single one of them is Morley's. Only four of them are even of any reasonable quality - and as I said last time none of this rubbish affects the fact that Morley does produce extremely high quality images. Most of them are a bit manky and the mobile phone crappy-snaps are among the worst quality photos I have ever seen. None of them are from Morley at all and most certainly none of them are from his "premium content" which I don't even have access to anyway.

There have been no Morley pics on my site since November. Which is a matter of deliberate policy because, guess what, I can do without him on my back. And as I have said before I also have a policy of *not* posting - or allowing to be posted - any "premium content"; this has been the case since I started the site.

Morley's claim that "Within hours, premium content was posted by this user on his account with yourselves" is a complete lie. I don't post premium content anyway, I don't post Morley's pics since November and I have no idea what he is talking about - and all the more so since he refuses to post the screenshots he claims he has or the URLs of the pages he claims to have seen.

How many times do I have to say this? I TOOK ALL MORLEY'S STUFF OFF MY SITE IN NOVEMBER AND I HAVE NOT PUT ANY MORE ON. If he thinks otherwise then POST THE URLS.

Hosting Company

Our system has escalated this ticket for review by staff. We will not take any action on complaints which do not provide all the relevant facts and evidence regarding the copyright on media.

As the complainant you must provide URL's of the material you own as well provide them for the material our client is hosting which may be in contravention to copyright law. You will also need to provide evidence that you in fact hold the copyright to any such material. Without this information I'm afraid were unable to take any further action against our client and would suggest that you seek legal advice to settle this dispute.