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Lucy Pinder to judge National Cat Awards 2012

Lucy Pinder will judge the Hero Cat category of the National Cat Awards 2012 for the Cats Protection League on August 16th :)

She will be judging the "Hero Cat" category, choosing between the three finalists - Leo who chased off a burglar, Basil who saved his owners from blowing themselves up, and Charlie who raised the alarm when his diabetic owner suffered a hypoglycaemic attack.

Cats Protection website wrote:

Glamour model and TV presenter Lucy Pinder is judging Hero Cat.

She owns four cats called Jackson, Tabby, Georgia and Sebastien. She said: "I'm very impressed by the heroic things that the cats in my category have done to help their owners and I'd give them all first prize if I could! It just goes to show how cats have the capacity to amaze us all."

Here is Lucy with Carly Stenson helping out at a Cats Protection centre earlier this year...