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Lucy Pinder Saints interview


Lucy Pinder's ideal Saints XI

Lucy Pinder has been interviewed about Southampton FC ("Saints"), of whom she is an avid supporter :) Here is what she had to say...

Why Southampton?

They are my local team and my parents both support them. I was born in Winchester so I suppose it was for proximity reasons.

What was your first game?

It was Saints versus Wimbledon at The Dell and it was a primary school trip when I was about nine.

My mum used to take us to The Dell quite religiously when we were early teens and I used to fight with my sister over who would get the tickets. I went a lot one season and they kept winning so I thought I was the lucky charm.

I remember going to a Saints-Leicester match and being told off for shouting too much.

I was a mouthy 12-year-old and I remember singing ‘She fell over’ to Emile Heskey. I’ve calmed my mouth at football games now.

What was the best game you’ve ever been to?

When we beat Man Utd 6-3. There were a lot of United fans at my school and I put up lots of posters after the game saying we’d beaten them — I was a bit odd! But that was the best season I can remember, in 1996.

Do you get down to St Mary’s much these days?

I haven’t been for a couple of years. I’ve been a bit busier but we’re going to go down over Christmas with the family because the team need some support, bless them!

I love St Mary’s but it’s totally different from The Dell. I’m 28 now so I’m getting on a bit but I can remember The Dell being very old fashioned. It was lovely though.

Who is your all-time favourite Saints player?

Matt Le Tissier. Anyone above the age of about 20 will say the same. He got so much stick for staying at Southampton but he just liked living in the south.

It was a shame he didn’t get called up more for England as he was brilliant and had a ridiculous penalty record. I remember queuing up for his autograph in Debenhams when I was 12. We need someone to replace Le God in the current team.

What do you make of Southampton’s season so far?

I know it sounds like a cop-out, but they genuinely have been quite unlucky this season. It’s taken everyone by surprise because we’ve been playing so well in the last few seasons and a lot of non-Southampton supporting friends of mine thought we would be fine.

We have had a lot of the top teams already this season which has knocked it out of us a bit. I still think we’ll stay up though.

Are you fully behind Nigel Adkins?

One thing I’m not keen on in modern-day football is how quickly a manager can be sacked. You’ve got to give him time and most Saints fans would agree we should stick with him for a while. Also, who else is there?

Who would be your ideal signing?

Apart from Lionel Messi? He might like Southampton — he’s probably never been! Realistically, we could do with a couple of experienced players in defence. Someone like William Gallas.

I’d also like back a couple of players that we’ve sold. Gareth Bale is a good player — if it wasn’t for him, Tottenham would be doing even worse.

Who is the best-looking footballer at the moment?

I don’t really look at them like that but a lot of girls do love Adam Lallana, probably because he’s one of the youngest so they go, ‘He’s fit’.

You mentioned you played football. Are you a decent player?

I don’t think I’m in the best shape anymore but I was very good up front. There’s a line for you for a Page Three girl!