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Lucy Pinder - National Black Cats Day 25-10-2012

Lucy Pinder for Cats Protection National Black Cats Day, 25th October 2012

Lucy Pinder is helping to promote this year's National Black Cats Day on behalf of Cats Protection :)

Apparently people choosing cats from shelters mysteriously overlook the black ones, and so they are unnaturally difficult to find new homes for, and make up 23% of Cats Protection's waiting refugees. National Black Cats Day is intended to make people aware of this and encourage them to choose more black cats :)

Lucy Pinder on black cats:

I was really surprised to hear that black cats take longer to find homes - it’s such a shame. Black cats make just as good pets as the more colourful moggies and often have particularly striking and noble looks so I'd recommend adopting a black cat to anyone thinking of getting a cat.