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FHM 100 Sexiest list results are out...

...and as usual, the whole thing is a fabricated farce.

They've posted a big rant on their website bleating about "democracy" and going on about how "99%" of the people who complained to them about last year's result didn't bother to vote. Well, of course they didn't - why would they bother when they know the votes just get thrown on the floor anyway and FHM make up the results to suit themselves? Even people who never look at FHM from one year's end to the next know this, and that is why people complained in the first place - it was so painfully, transparently obvious that they had simply decided to make Tulisa no. 1 to cash in on the publicity about her blow job video, and people were complaining because it was such a blatant fix.

This year they haven't been so blatant about it but they are still insulting everyone's intelligence by trying to pretend that the votes determine the result while making it plainly clear that they don't. They are still doing the same silly thing they do every year - giving places in the list to relatively unknown models and thinking people are really going to believe that they got enough votes to feature when the most popular model in the country, Lucy Pinder, did not... Pull the other one, it's got great big jangling brass bells on. Obvious fix is obvious.

Well, we know better :D So here is what the winner pic really should have looked like :D