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To contact the maintainer of this site, please click here. Please be sure to use a meaningful Subject line so that your message can readily be distinguished from spam.

Please be aware that it may not be possible to respond individually to every message.

Please do NOT bother to contact the maintainer about advertising, nor about link exchanges (unless they are with another Lucy Pinder or glamour modelling website). This site does not and will not carry advertising or any other commercial material, or engage in any other promotional activity, that is not connected to Lucy Pinder's work and professional activities. Any emails on such subjects will be treated as spam.

To contact Lucy for professional engagements please do so through her management agency, Girl Management.

Lucy Pinder
c/o Girl Management
22 Noel Street

Tel: 0207 434 1180
Fax: 0207 287 7499
Website: www.girlmanagementuk.com

If you are looking to contact Lucy herself in person please be aware that the only place on the entire internet that you will find Lucy herself is on her twitter page. It is not possible to contact her or otherwise bring anything to her attention via this or any other website, forum or social media site, official or unofficial. The twitter page is the only option - that is the only thing which is operated by Lucy herself.

Unfortunately this site cannot supply signed photographs or other merchandise. To obtain a signed photograph, please forward the photograph you would like signed, along with a stamped addressed envelope, to Lucy via Girl Management at the address above. Please be aware that one cannot expect instant results.