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Material on this website is published for the benefit of all. The reasoning behind this site is that Lucy Pinder's television presenting work is of outstanding quality but is not as well known as she deserves, because of the relative obscurity of Nuts TV as a channel. To have a website dedicated to her TV work goes some way towards remedying that defect.

Therefore, readers are positively encouraged to link to pages and videos on this site, to embed youtube videos and playlists listed here in other pages, to post links to this site on blogs and fora, or anything else which results in a wider audience for Lucy's work.

If you would like to use a banner to link to this website, you are invited to use this one, please copy and paste the HTML below:

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Please note that any links to this site, or to material on this site, and any material copied to other websites, MUST be publically accessible just as the original material is. Nothing relating to this website, whether it is a link or copied material, may be placed on a web page which is behind any form of login or access restriction. It must be just as easy for Joe Bloggs browsing the internet to access the link on another website as it is on this one.

The following list of things which count as access restrictions is not exhaustive:
- Requirement to supply a username and password
- Requirement to supply a username or other identifier (eg. email address) even if no password is required
- Requirement to allow cookies
- Requirement to enable javascript
- Requirement to enable flash or any other plugin
- Requirement to supply a particular Referer: or User-Agent: string
- Dependence on any browser-specific feature

The following is an empirical test for compliance: The page must be accessible purely by issuing a GET request from a telnet client, with no restrictions based on the Referer: header. (A requirement for a specific Host: header is permissible to allow for name-based virtual hosting.) Say the web page - ie. a file named gloop.html on the server - contains a link to a page on, or material copied from, (or the alternate domain name, It must be possible, from any random machine connected to the Internet on which a telnet client is installed, to type the following:

telnet 80
GET /gloop.html HTTP/1.0

and receive in response the page gloop.html in its entirety, including the link to, or material from, or If there is any other response, the test is considered to have failed. Furthermore, the page delivered MUST be either standard HTML, as defined by its passing validation by The W3C Markup Validation Service, or plain human-readable ASCII text. If the page does not pass validation, or if it requires javascript or flash or any other add-on to be enabled in order to view the link or material from my site, the test is considered to have failed.

If the test is failed, it indicates that the page is non-compliant. If the test is passed, it does not guarantee that the page is compliant, because the test is simple and does not cover all possibilities, but it is pretty unlikely not to be.

If the page is not compliant, either the page/server concerned MUST be reconfigured so that the page is compliant, or the link or copied material MUST be moved to another page which is compliant.

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