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Lucy Pinder - Film Ambitions
Lucy Pinder - Film Ambitions Interview 05-05-10 - Screenshot
Watch a sadly-too-short interview of Lucy Pinder speaking about her film ambitions.

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Lucy Pinder is the finest example of what makes Britain great. Her career as a glamour model began when she was "discovered" as a sunbather on Bournemouth beach in 2003. It was an opportunity which she used to its fullest advantage. With her calm, diligent and responsible attitude to her work coupled with her lack of interest in "living the high life", it did not take her long to attain a level of success of which other models only dream. Her famous decision to avoid fully topless shoots for the first three and a half years of her career gave her an added air of mystery which undoubtedly helped her meteoric rise. When in April 2007 she finally "went for the big reveal" her career was boosted to a whole new level and her position as top glamour model was assured for all time. Today Lucy is among the highest-earning models in the country.

If anyone could be said to disavow the stereotype of the glamour model it is Lucy Pinder. It would be more accurate to think of her as a highly intelligent and successful businesswoman whose business happens to be making the best use of her remarkable beauty. Lucy never set out to become a model. But as a natural beauty who stands out from any crowd it was inevitable that sooner or later she would be "spotted". When the opportunity did present itself, she did not treat it as an invitation to party. Lucy, in her own words, is "not a party girl". She treated it as a job, and diligently applied her considerable intelligence to making the best of the opportunity. It worked. Lucy rapidly achieved a level of success of which the denizens of the gossip columns can only dream. And her quiet, private lifestyle, her complete non-conformance to the stereotype, her continual disinclination to do anything that might see her featured in the celebrity gossip magazines and her strong disapproval of the drugs scene serve only to further endear her to her army of loyal fans.

Lucy has always expressed ambitions for film and television work, and her success in modelling brought her guest appearances on a number of television programmes, but it was not until late in 2007 that she got the opportunity for a programme of her own, with the launch of the new freeview channel Nuts TV. Book at Bedtime with Lucy Pinder featured Lucy reading excerpts from Shakespeare and other authors while relaxing on a bed in a negligee. Each passage was only about two minutes long - one presumes that Nuts TV figured that that was all the Shakespeare its viewers could deal with - but they were highly effective and a most welcome feature of the programming.

Unfortunately the series suffered somewhat from the shoestring budget and shoddy production values of the fledgling Nuts TV. The choice of passages was perhaps a little suboptimal at times. To lounge on the bed, look yearningly at the camera and say Come, night, come, Romeo, come, thou day in night is fine... but it is not a setting befitting Henry V rousing the troops before Agincourt. Combine that with having to read the passage unrehearsed off a somewhat dubious autocue and it is not surprising that Lucy perhaps does not rate this show as her finest performance. That she nevertheless manages to convey the mood of the speech despite the adverse circumstances is a tribute to her talent and a tantalising hint at what she could do in a setting appropriate to the part.

But do not forget that it was Lucy who was performing the show, and her modest view was not shared by an American publishing corporation, who were sufficiently smitten with her performance to commission her not only to perform a full-length version, but also to write the novel herself. It was a development which surprised everyone, not least Lucy herself. Who would have thought that a two-minute reading on an obscure TV channel would have such a momentous result? But it was Lucy's reading, and modesty notwithstanding, her performance is truly world-class. And such class will out. From glamour model to international video novelist in two minutes - only Lucy Pinder could achieve such a remarkable thing.

A further superb display of Lucy's qualities was her first night presenting Nuts TV. Her intelligence, charm and sparkle make Lucy a natural presenter and anyone tuning in for the first time would never have guessed that Lucy had not presented before - let alone presented live. Lucy has a knack for knowing exactly what to do in any given situation which is subtly evident in her modelling work and much more evident when she is presenting live TV. After her exemplary performance on those three nights in January it is not surprising that she was given a second run in February/March.

Lucy displayed a similar "I've been doing this for years" quality in her show on MTV, Pinder and Pearson's Late-Night Love-in. Co-presenting with Kayleigh Pearson, but deservedly billed first, Lucy was again presenting in a negligee from a bed in "Book at Bedtime" style, but this time with a proper production team. The show ran for only one week, but any new viewer would have thought it a regular and long-running feature, such was Lucy's performance.

Lucy's next show on Nuts TV was a similar success. In Overexposed Lucy was in her element, and from her professional experience managed to convey a remarkable amount of hard information about what goes to make a successful glamour shoot in a series of one-and-a-half-minute episodes. It is quite remarkable to consider how much information Lucy presented, clearly and understandably, in a space of time in which the average documentary struggles to convey a tenth as much.

Lucy continues to pursue all aspects of her career with her accustomed enthusiasm, and it is to be hoped that she will make many more appearances on our TV screens.

About this site - About Lucy

This site exists to provide a comprehensive reference for Lucy Pinder's modelling, film and television work; to provide photos and videos of Lucy's work for viewing and downloading; to provide a forum for discussion of Lucy's work; and to promote awareness of Lucy's skill and talent as a presenter, interviewer, and actress as well as as a model.

This site is not run by Lucy or her management. However, the standards of reliability and accuracy of Lucy's official website are regarded as a minimum reference level. Information from untrusted sources is only used subject to rigorous verification.

A further function of this site is to attempt to counter the activities of those undesirables who, whether through selfishness, malice or just plain ignorance and stupidity, act in a manner detrimental to Lucy's career and welfare - for, sadly, in this respect Lucy is no different from anyone else on the planet. The most egregious examples of such undesirables include:

  • Those who, for their own financial gain, manouevred Lucy into participating in a certain show which had a strong and wholly negative effect on her public image and career prospects (for which reason it is not listed on this site).
  • Those who, in direct contravention of Lucy's own wishes as stated publically on TV while on that show, attempted to maximise the length of her participation, disregarding the personal misery she experienced while on it (including being bullied to the point of tears by one of the other participants).
  • Those who weaselled their way into control of her official website, irretrievably destroyed four years' worth of content on the official forum through kindergarten-level incompetence, and then proceeded to cause a veritable catalogue of further disasters until Lucy's management put their foot down and removed them from the site.
  • Those who employed what can best be described as a malicious version of Derren-Brown-style psychological manipulation techniques on Lucy in order to use her as an unwitting tool of their own childish spite.

Predictably, perhaps, these undesirables have objected to being called to account, and instead of acknowledging and apologising for the abovementioned inexcusable acts, tend to respond with any or all of the following themes:

  • Pretending that it is not themselves, but Lucy, who is the author of their objections - despite the patent ridiculousness of such a pretence.
  • Asserting that to care about the welfare of another human being is a sign of mental instability (an assertion which itself borders on the psychotic).
  • Running internet smear campaigns in an attempt to discredit the maintainer of this site - some in public, and some by private email (many of the recipients of those emails not only were not deceived but passed the contents on to me).

In respect of which be it noted that:

  • This website is not, in any sense, "fake" or "passed off as real" or anything of the kind. It does not make, and never has made, any claim to be anything other than an unofficial website which aims to be the best source of Lucy Pinder information available. Indeed, to make allegations of "fakeness" against a website which explicitly states that it is unofficial is simply nonsensical.
  • This website does not do, and never has done, anything detrimental to Lucy. Such action would be entirely contrary to its principles of existence - as stated above, part of its function is to counteract those who do act detrimentally to Lucy.
  • Lucy herself has never raised any form of objection or complaint against this website. The only adverse comments have come from those who have found it opposed to their anti-Lucy activities, and their friends and associates. They may make the ridiculous pretence that they are speaking on behalf of Lucy despite acting against her, but a pretence is all it is.
  • Much of the material in the abovementioned public smear campaigns originates with a certain individual who was banned not only from this site's forum, but from Lucy's official forum, for repeatedly re-registering under multiple IDs and copying and pasting pages of such material onto as many threads as he could.
  • It is no secret that the maintainer of this website was also banned from the official forum. What is apparently not so widely known is the reason. It is this. Despite its claim to officially represent Lucy's wishes, the official forum was the leading light in encouraging people to vote for Lucy to remain on the abovementioned miserable TV show, ignoring her own publically-stated wishes to be voted out of it. Any material posted on the official forum supporting Lucy's own position, including verbatim quotes of her own words, was deleted, and several people who publically aligned themselves with Lucy's stated desires instead of accepting the forum's opposition to those desires either were banned or simply left the forum in disgust at its treatment of Lucy and those who supported her. The maintainer of this website was among those banned for encouraging people to vote Lucy off the show; given that Lucy herself said she wanted to be voted off, was in her own words "over the moon" when she was voted off, and expressed on TV her appreciation for those who voted her off - "Your fans don't love you enough to keep you in, then?" said the host; "No, they love me enough to get me out", replied Lucy with a big smile on her face - there can be no shame at all attached to being banned for helping her to get what she wanted, the lie promulgated by that forum (to others; they did at least have the decency not to try and foist it on me) that Lucy was behind the ban is patently ridiculous, and anyone who thinks that to be banned for doing what Lucy said she wanted somehow reflects badly on me needs to reconsider their position.

Reliable, verifiable information concerning Lucy's television or film work is welcomed for possible inclusion, as are suggestions for possible expansion of the site. Please use this link to contact the site maintainer.

The youtube channel which hosts the videos linked from this site is run by the same maintainer and should be considered as part of this site.

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